Yankees: MLB insider provides update on Luis Castillo trade rumors


Jon Heyman appeared on WFAN to talk about the Yankees on Thursday.

You’re probably wondering what’s been going on with the trade rumors surrounding Cincinnati Reds pitcher Luis Castillo, who was reportedly made available last month in talks. Once that report dropped, every New York Yankees fan was clamoring for the team to go make the blockbuster deal.

Since then? We’ve instead seen the San Diego Padres trade for Blake Snell and Yu Darvish and the New York Mets trade for Francisco Lindor and Carlos Carrasco.

The Yankees? Oh, they signed Tyler Lyons and Jhoulys Chacin AND traded for Greg Allen. Do you dare say this team isn’t active this offseason! But seriously … we’re still waiting for that big transaction.

While we hold out hope for DJ LeMahieu, it’s understandable that the Yankees aren’t going to go on a spending spree until they learn their fate with the AL batting champion. But trading for Castillo will hardly cost any money, it’ll just require trading away a haul of prospects because he’s under club control through 2023.

MLB insider Jon Heyman finally provided an update on Castillo’s situation as well as the Yankees’ potential chances to land him.

"“I’m not sure at this point [if he’ll be traded]. He’s clearly available, as are all of their players. My understanding is the Reds, out of all their players, that’s the last one they want to move. Of course, that’s the guy they’re going to get the best offers for. The Yankees have some good prospects. I’m not sure there’s a lot of traction there at this point and I’m still going to be surprised [if he’s traded], because, in that division, the Reds have traded their closer, but I do think they underperformed a little bit last year … I’m not sure that they’re going to give up. If you trade Castillo, you’re giving up. I don’t think that will happen, but the Yankees do have the prospects to get it done if they want to go that route.”"

Not exactly promising, but there’s a chance that the Yankees can blow the Reds away with an offer and call it a day. Why is this not the mentality with no viable starting pitching options available in free agency? The Bombers already targeted the right-hander in a trade back before the 2019 deadline. It’s clear there’s a connection of sorts.

This update, though helpful, isn’t all that surprising. Everyone pretty much knew the Reds would need an offer they couldn’t refuse for their young ace considering he’s their most valuable trade chip. They’d much rather get rid of all their bigger contracts first. Or maybe they’re requiring teams interested in Castillo to take on one of them in a hypothetical trade. Perhaps that’s holding the Yankees back? We don’t know.

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But for now, we at least have Heyman’s update to know where things somewhat stand as the stagnant offseason continues. Spring Training is creeping up on us by the day, and it feels like time is running out faster than we’re realizing.