Yankees: Gleyber Torres reacting to DJ LeMahieu update is every NYY fan


Yankees fans — and Gleyber Torres — are tired of the DJ LeMahieu Slow Play.

For months, Yankees fans have been fed the same doses of DJ LeMahieu logic weekly — it’ll be long, boring, frustrating and conflict-filled, but in the end, he’ll come back.

After Sunday’s update, we have no reason to believe any element of that pathway has changed, but it is clear we’ve reached the most combative part of the negotiation process thus far.

If we’re to believe Sunday night’s news, LeMahieu has finally had it with the Yankees’ slow-play negotiations, as well as the ethos the rest of baseball is operating under, and has ordered his agent to re-engage with every interested team that’s ever spoken to him. Hard to believe that wasn’t already happening — it’s January! — but nevertheless, here we are. Someone’s blinking, and it’s not the Yanks.

Seeing as Plan B Francisco Lindor is officially off the board, this rightfully has made fans of this stuck-in-the-mud team antsy, and its players are living out the exact same circumstances.

Gleyber Torres, for one, appears to want to be woken up when this is all over.


On the one hand, “Not yet?” seems to imply that Torres still believes this will get done. And he’d know.

But on the other hand, we’re totally aligned with his impatience, as well as the “mind blown” emoji. Negotiating against yourself is one thing; a clear no-no. At this point, though, are the Yankees angering their team MVP? That might be a bridge too far, in any negotiation process.

We didn’t think LeMahieu even got angry.

According to sources, LeMahieu is now fed up with the entire process — including, presumably, the rest of Major League Baseball, too — and has ordered his agent to reopen negotiations with every other team that touched base in addition to the Yankees. That’s the Dodgers, Mets and Blue Jays, but less seriously, that’s also the…Braves, Cardinals and Red Sox. Oy.

LeMahieu still wants JD Martinez money and doesn’t seem to have budged much from his initial ask — or, at least, his agent hasn’t.

We’re not sure who’s updating us at this point, or whether we’re watching an angry representative use LeMahieu as a ventriloquist act, but we’re on Gleyber’s side.

Not yet? OK, back to bed. Wake us when the Yankees have to blink, or have been outbid and need to adjust their offer.