New York Daily News Mets-centric back page takes direct shot at Yankees


The New York Daily News proclaimed the Mets — not the Yankees — have the best player in NYC.

All we wanted was a calm Sunday morning. But we can’t have that. Not during this offseason when the New York Yankees are standing idly by while teams like the Mets and Padres swipe key targets off the trade market. There’s going to be a lot of critical chatter until general manager Brian Cashman makes a big move.

But until then, we can enjoy the New York Daily News’ Sunday back page, featuring Francisco Lindor, who landed in Queens a few days ago. Want to get even more riled up? The paper called him the “new best player in the city.” While it might be true, it’s still a shot at the Yankees, who have a roster full of stars, whereas the Mets … don’t. At all.

Not to nitpick, but the Yankees have a former MVP in Giancarlo Stanton and an MVP runner up in Aaron Judge. Lindor has never finished higher than fifth in the voting, though he does have the durability and consistency edge over those two sluggers.

Umm … also, what about Gerrit Cole? Jacob deGrom?! The guy who currently resides on the Mets!

Whether true or not, whether you agree with it or not, this totally feels like a shot at the Yankees. Their lineup is, top to bottom, arguably the best in baseball (they’re toe-to-toe with the Dodgers) when everyone is healthy and assuming DJ LeMahieu returns. Now we’re giving out accolades for which franchise in the same city has the best player?

Maybe we’re triggered, but it seems as if that’s stoking the non-existent rivalry flames between the Yankees and Mets. And when you’re writing follow ups to the Mets-Lindor-Carrasco trade with the Yankees fully in your crosshairs, that’s exactly what it feels like.

Also, we know LeMahieu technically isn’t on the Yankees right now, but he’s blown Lindor out of the water the last two seasons. Lindor would be a “better player” by default given his age and long-term outlook, but if we’re talking “best (position) player in New York,” it’s LeMahieu, assuming he re-signs.

So perhaps the Daily News will have to change things up in the coming weeks if that happens. Or mid-season if Aaron Judge manages to stay healthy for the entire year. Or if Gerrit Cole has a Cy Young-caliber season. We don’t know … this just doesn’t seem like it’s anything noteworthy beyond shock value.