Yankees: Miguel Andújar changed his swing and it looks a lot better


Yankees’ slugger Miguel Andújar appears to have changed his swing in the Dominican Winter League.

It feels like we’ve had more action featuring New York Yankees players in the Dominican Winter League than we can remember (though we don’t know how true that is) with Gary Sanchez and Miguel Andújar constantly coming across our feed this offseason.

We’ve talked enough about El Gary, but what about Andújar? The former Rookie of the Year runner up faces a very unclear 2021. Clint Frazier and Gio Urshela will be starting in left field and at third base, leaving Andújar, who was sent down to the alternate site twice in 2020, without concrete playing time.

But could some alterations to his swing change all of that? Or perhaps increase his trade value? We honestly don’t know, but Andújar has apparently debuted a new swing and he’s kind of been raking ever since.

The helicopter is gone! Some may have liked it and will miss it, while it certainly annoyed others. Either way, we don’t need it if he’s clobbering the ball like this. It kind of feels like he’s hitting with more power, which seems impossible because he was already doing that two years ago.

And we know the competition is lesser in LIDOM, but Andújar has been working his way back since injuring his shoulder in 2019, so it’s fun to se stuff like this:

Into the night! And how about him going the other way those few times? Andújar hasn’t been much of an opposite field hitter from what we’ve seen at the MLB level, but perhaps he’s also working out those kinks this offseason.

It’s looking a lot better.

This is extremely encouraging, if anything. If this new swing is working for the 25-year-old, there could be a chance he works himself into more playing time with the Yankees. If not, and his agent is still frustrated with the organization, at least this could increase his trade value and he’d potentially be able to start elsewhere.

Either way, we’re rooting for him to find his footing and get back to where he was two years ago.