Yankees: CC Sabathia’s new ‘Black Aces’ full leg tattoo is amazing


Ex-Yankees legend CC Sabathia has some amazing new ink.

Former Yankees ace CC Sabathia has somehow had the most active year of retirement in modern sports history, despite his first season away from the field being largely shut down by a pandemic.

In 14 short months, he’s built up his podcast with Ryan Ruocco, launched a documentary about his sterling career and struggle with alcohol, designed a line of clothing to help commemorate the Negro Leagues’ 100th anniversary, and spearheaded the Players Alliance to help band together the game’s African-American influence for a new generation.

He’s probably done a million more unrecorded things, too. We can’t keep up with this guy.

Sabathia took a brief pause this week to have his leg photographed, however, and we’re pleased to report that he now sports an almost-completed tattoo that absolutely rocks his own socks off, as well as our own.

CC’s new ink is a tribute to the Black Aces, MLB’s African-American 20-game winners, a very exclusive club of which he is a member.

It features the numbers of that vaunted group, as well as a front-facing photo of Satchel Paige, the Negro League icon who barnstormed the country making hitters look super foolish for decades before getting a late-career crack at the big leagues following Jackie Robinson’s pioneering debut.

Paige didn’t debut in MLB until the age of 42…we think, and he made his final appearance in 1965 just after his 59th birthday, like you do. Perhaps Sabathia still has a year left in his left arm, then?

Sabathia is one of just 15 Black Aces, joining the exclusive group in recent years alongside other 20-game winners Dontrelle Willis and David Price. He’s also one of just three African-American legends with 3,000+ career strikeouts, matching only Fergie Jenkins and Bob Gibson in that club.

And he did it all with attitude, every step of the way.

An iconic GIF-maker, fashion designer, voice of reason and representative of a new generation. What can’t CC Sabathia do?