Mets screwed Yankees by likely sending George Springer to rival


The Mets appear to be funneling George Springer to the AL East, a Yankees fan’s nightmare.

As far as Yankees fans know, former Astros spark plug George Springer has spoken to two teams seriously in free agency this offseason: the crosstown Mets, who were rumored to sign him as recently as Christmas, and the Toronto Blue Jays.

Not stressful at all, right? The Mets were the front-runners, they hate us more than we hate them, and hey, Springer would all but block a DJ LeMahieu deal, right?

As of Thursday afternoon, though, the whole process went a bit haywire.

The Mets completed a Francisco Lindor (and Carlos Carrasco) trade, which will send them nearly into the red in extension money come next offseason. The second the ink was dry on Cleveland’s budget dump, Springer ending up tormenting the Yankees 18 times per year from within the AL East became far more likely, especially annoying because it seemed impossible a week ago.

Martino continued by saying that any potential Springer signing in Flushing would come with a requisite move centered on “shedding salary”; in essence, Lindor was the last straw, and any other big-budget signing would get a little Mets’d up.

However, in his big-ticket follow-up to the Lindor breaking news, Martino did litter the floor with a lot of unique crumbs indicating Springer could be in for a longer winter than we expected.

According to the insider, Toronto’s the most viable landing spot for the center fielder, and they’ve also checked in at a much lower rate in existing contract talks.

"“As you know, the Mets have been negotiating with Springer for much of the offseason. According to league sources, the centerfielder is seeking approximately $175 million. The Mets, per sources, had been willing to offer a five-year deal for somewhat less than $150 million.“The Toronto Blue Jays, meanwhile, recently made an opening offer to Springer in the $115 million range, per sources briefed on those talks (Springer’s agent, Casey Close, did not respond to a request for comment).“With Lindor on board, the Mets are less likely to sign Springer. Here’s why: The team will not exceed the $210 million luxury tax threshold this offseason. We’re not sure where the notion came from that money is no object for Steve Cohen’s Mets; it certainly didn’t come from Cohen, Sandy Alderson or Jared Porter. And it is far from the truth.”"

So, the Mets aren’t an endless well of spending, but the Blue Jays are still tripping $60 million below Springer’s desired price? That makes the Yankees’ DJ LeMahieu gulf look like a dry creek bed.

We choose to believe that the Mets aren’t out on the Springer chase yet, just because the Jays still seem to be shopping so far below the high water mark.

But Steve Cohen isn’t a sieve; he’s a billionaire because he spends wisely, and there’s a limit to his charity. Let’s hope he doesn’t shoo Springer into our division.