Yankees: David Cone’s birthday tweet shows he clearly had fun


Yankees legend David Cone clearly had a good birthday.

New York Yankees fans revere David Cone and have for 25 years, from his stardom during the 1996 World Series to his affable broadcasting days.

In fact, many fans wanted Coney to leap from the booth to the dugout last winter when longtime pitching coach Larry Rothschild was dismissed, only to see his spikes filled by Cleveland Indians analytics guru Matt Blake instead (which, honestly, made more sense).

When 2021 rolls around, the beloved Yanks hurler (and formerly perfect man) will be back in the YES booth, though he’ll also likely do his fair share of national work with FOX. So it makes perfect sense that the man spent his 58th birthday celebrating his excellent life and the year to come on Jan. 2.

Based on his only tweet from the evening, Cone had a…very fun time.

Shades of Cone and David Wells ripping up the town together in 1998 following the greatest season in New York Yankees history, eh?

As an adopted New Yorker with the Yankees and Mets, Cone always wanted to be a part of it, and you could spot him enjoying all the city had to offer. Sometimes he’d even show up on Saturday Night Live in a dress taunting a cross-dressing Derek Jeter with Alfonso Soriano’s tighty-whities, which were left “under his Tercel” the night before. You know, normal stuff.

Based on the one bit of information we have about Saturday’s activity, though, Coney appears to have either been popping bottles or potentially inhaling. And that’s totally a-ok, baby.


Cone’s become such a beloved figure in these parts over the years that most of us have forgotten he wrapped his career on the Red Sox following a down year in 2000. We all forgot that, right? Or maybe I’m just going insane in the membrane?

Cheers, though, to many more years of Cone making us laugh, making us think with his cerebral approach to pitching, and always passing after every puff.