JD Martinez taking shot at Yankees’ facial hair policy seems baseless


Red Sox star JD Martinez made a joke about the Yankees facial hair policy.

We guess this is one way to throw more fuel on the New York Yankees-Boston Red Sox rivalry? Maybe? We’re not sure, because it’s safe to say just about everyone is fed up with the Bombers’ out-dated facial hair policy. JD Martinez joining the party now hardly changes things.

Plus … in what scenario is Martinez ever coming to the Yankees? And why is he sounding like he has a prominent beard? Martinez’s appearance features what looks like a perpetual five o’clock shadow. He’s not sporting some sort of Kevin Youkilis behemoth or the dirty Johnny Damon look.

For some reason, a fan asked Martinez, during his girlfriend’s birthday celebration in Florida, when he’s going to come to the Yankees, and here’s what the Red Sox slugger had to say:

We would’ve preferred, “I don’t want to play for those prima donnas” or “I’ll come to the Yankees when they can prove they’re World Series contenders.” Those would’ve been fun, worthwhile shots that could’ve started some sort of rivalry discourse since it’s largely been dead after the 2018 season.

Instead, Martinez wants to keep his very average beard and that’s why he’s not going to play for the Yankees. Take that, Brian Cashman! An aging designated hitter that we don’t need wants no part of your future offers!

Also, why would this fan bother to ask such a question? It’s not even a good troll, and Martinez perhaps showed what’s to come after a disappointing shortened 2020 campaign. No Mookie Betts. No access to technology. He hit .213 with a .680 OPS. Giancarlo Stanton can do better than that with one calf.

Let’s get some better trash talk, shall we? This rivalry needs a shot in the arm, and throwing weak shade at the Yankees about their facial hair policy, which has been at the forefront of a critical discussion for quite some time now, simply isn’t going to do the job.