writer proposes Yankees-Rockies trade for Trevor Story


What if the Yankees traded for Rockies shortstop Trevor Story?

The Colorado Rockies are in one of the most difficult situations in baseball. Their star player, Nolan Arenado, isn’t happy with the organization, and Trevor Story, who’s their next best stud, will be a free agent after 2021. What’s the front office to do?

Both Arenado and Story have been involved in their fair share of trade rumors this offseason (though Arenado has been shouldering much of that burden), which makes it fair to assume a number of possibilities, especially since the New York Yankees have been linked to both of them.

Arenado coming to the Bronx seems unrealistic for a number of reasons. Gio Urshela is a more cost-effective option while Arenado has $200 million left on his contract and won’t be cheap in a trade. Plus, the Yankees don’t really need him. But Story? Well, he could be an option if the talks with DJ LeMahieu go south. Then the Yankees can acquire him via trade, sign him to an extension, and move Gleyber Torres back to second base.

And we’re positive Yankees fans would be OK with this trade package proposed by’s Matt Kelly.

Adam Ottavino and Clarke Schmidt for one year of Story? Fans would obviously be more on board if the shortstop were to agree to an extension, but at this point, moving on from Otto’s $9 million salary would be advantageous. The Yankees will have to lose a valuable asset in any deal for Story, and while fans may not be thrilled to see Schmidt go, that seems like a fair price to pay.

This would still leave the Yankees with ample ammo to go out and acquire another starting pitcher via trade, if that’s part of the plan. The loss of Otto would also require another bullpen signing, since that’s already an area of need for the Yanks, but there are plenty of names out there to fill that void.

Nonetheless, acquiring Story would mean the Yankees are moving on from LeMahieu and ending the Gleyber Torres experiment at shortstop. That’s tough stuff to swallow.

LeMahieu remains the biggest domino that will set the Yankees offseason in motion. If he stays, we’re probably looking at the same roster construction as 2020. If he goes, we could see a big makeover in the form of a trade like this for a guy like Story.

The other option? If Torres doesn’t work out at shortstop in 2021, then perhaps Story can be an option in free agency next year … which then makes Torres a potential trade candidate. This is too much. We’re dizzy.