Yankees: Didi Gregorius seems open to post-DJ LeMahieu reunion


Didi Gregorius would consider the Yankees…if that whole “DJ LeMahieu” thing didn’t work out.

No Yankees fan worth their salt is thinking about potential DJ LeMahieu replacements right now.

They’re not thinking about stop-gap shortstops. They’re not thinking about long-term second basemen. And they’re definitely not thinking about what Josh Bell could do in Luke Voit’s place.

But one former shortstop has never quite left the fanbase’s collective consciousness, even after all the extremely disparate and strange distractions that happened in 2020 following his departure.

Didi Gregorius joined The Michael Kay Show on Wednesday and spoke about a potential reunion with the Yankees in the event that Gleyber Torres slides back to second base following LeMahieu’s potential departure.

Gregorius didn’t want to get too far into things, but he certainly brought his usual charm to the show without a hint of the hostility that occasionally comes from a high-profile divorce.

Of course, any potential move in the Bronx certainly won’t happen until the LeMahieu situation is sorted out:

"“I don’t know what’s going to happen,” the free agent shortstop said on “The Michael Kay Show” on Wednesday.“All I can say is I had a really good time playing there. But at the end, it’s in their hands. Who knows what’s going to happen in the future with LeMahieu or with the Yankees and all that stuff? They’re making their decision of what they plan to do.”“I still get (Yankee fans) commenting on stuff that I post on Instagram or on Twitter. It just makes them happy if you go out there and give it your best. I think fans can actually see that you’re not being nonchalant and playing hard.”"

About a month before his departure, there were rumors that Gregorius had been more of a corrosive clubhouse presence in 2019 as the end of his contract drew nearer. If that was the case, there wasn’t a hint of that animosity present on Wednesday — and it’s certainly accurate that Yankees fans have retained a fondness for the shortstop that helped lead them out of the post-Derek Jeter doldrums way quicker than expected.

Gregorius has a solid partial bounce-back campaign in 2020, hitting .284 with 10 homers and 40 RBI, though his hard-hit rate showed signs of decline.