Should Yankees be worried about Blue Jays trading for Francisco Lindor?


It seems the Indians might be keen on trading with the Blue Jays, Yankees fans.

We know. We’ve been focusing a lot on the Toronto Blue Jays, but for good reason. New York Yankees fans need to realize that any big additions to this team before 2021 could very well thrust them into legitimate contention for the AL East crown. Toronto has been linked to just about every big name you can think of over the last few weeks.

But the most buzz is surrounding Cleveland Indians shortstop Francisco Lindor, who is almost guaranteed to be traded this offseason. You’ve guessed it, the Jays are involved there too. While it seems insignificant that they’re tossing their hat in the ring for every possible free agent/trade scenario, this one is the most concerning.

Why? Because the Jays have enough young talent to sway the Indians and Lindor may not object to signing on long-term with Toronto to play with this young core for years to come. He’d join an infield with Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Bo Bichette and Cavan Biggio, potentially. That’s not pleasant to think about.

Here’s what’s Terry Pluto had to say about a Indians-Jays trade for Lindor:

"“I still think that has a chance. Toronto is loaded with prospects. I’ve been told the Indians would love to build a trade with Toronto with one of the players in return being Lourdes Gurriel.“I also was told Lindor would consider signing a long-term deal to stay in Toronto. I doubt the Blue Jays’ front office (former Tribe executives Mark Shapiro and Ross Atkins) would make a significant deal for Lindor without a long-term commitment. So this would be a complicated deal.”"

To be honest, any trade for Lindor will be complicated. There will be an excessive back and forth about the players involved and an even more significant discussion in regards to whether he’d be willing to sign an extension.

The fact that it won’t exactly be easy shouldn’t have anybody disregarding this smoke.

We previously talked about the Yankees potentially getting involved here and trading for Lindor solely to prevent him from going to Toronto. Is that a good idea? Well, it depends if they’re re-signing DJ LeMahieu or not. If they aren’t, a Lindor trade should be atop the list without a doubt. But if they do sign DJ and the Jays get Lindor, that’ll be probably the most bittersweet pair of offseason moves we could ever imagine (considering we’ll be thrilled with LeMahieu’s return).

And oh, by the way, Jays GM Ross Atkins is currently playing coy on the Lindor chase. Which is…exactly what you would do if you were plotting a pursuit.

Should fans be worried? Probably not. But they should be informed. And keeping tabs on the Blue Jays this offseason should be a priority for anyone with a tie to the Yankees.