The Yankees are not trading for Blake Snell so you can forget about it

Thomas Carannante
Rays LHP Blake Snell (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Rays LHP Blake Snell (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /

A Rays-Yankees trade featuring Blake Snell just isn’t happening.

When the report dropped a couple days ago about the Tampa Bay Rays considering trading Blake Snell, New York Yankees fans were ecstatic. After their division rivals imploded in the World Series thanks to their boring style of play (yup, scripting games!), it appears as if they’re still spiraling out of control.

Why would you trade your best pitcher after signing him to the friendliest of contracts? Snell will make just $10.5 million in 2021 and his salaries will only increase by $3 million through 2023. That’s mid- to back-end rotation money for one of the best left-handers in the game.

It’s stupid, that’s for sure! What’s even more stupid, though? Thinking the Yankees have a shot at acquiring Snell in any trade with the Rays.

The Rays are notorious fleecers on the trade market. Do you really think for a second that 1) they would trade their Cy Young winner to their immediate rival and 2) they wouldn’t ask for the most excessive return known to man from general manager Brian Cashman? Even if they were to consider it, they’d do their best to run the Yankees dry.

So we have 1) it’s not happening and 2) even if it were under consideration for the Rays, it wouldn’t be worth it.

Plus, why would the Yankees want to potentially overpay for Snell, even if it wasn’t one of the worst deals you’ve ever seen? He owns a 5.77 ERA in 12 starts at Yankee Stadium. We know that’s obviously against the Yankees, who have had a tremendous lineup for the past five years, but that says something.

In the end, the Yankees and their fans should merely be happy about the possibility of the Rays moving Snell, who will likely be shipped off to the National League in the event a deal goes down. There’s no need to get greedy and hope for him to get traded and have it be in a deal with the Bombers. Plus, Charlie Morton is already gone! Things are looking up.

There have been no substantial talks, though, so there’s no reason to hold your breath. Time to worry about retaining DJ LeMahieu and adding a few other pieces. After all, with Snell or not, the Rays are very beatable as long as the Yankees make the appropriate moves this offseason.