Yankees-White Sox Field of Dreams Game back on after 2020 postponement

The Yankees and White Sox appear ready to play the Field of Dreams Game after all in 2021.

Hey, whatever happened to the Yankees-White Sox Field of Dreams Game? That was supposed to happen in August, right? That was gonna be pretty neat.

Oh, global pandemic? Extremely dangerous? No crowds? Not even for karaoke? Right, right. That does sound familiar.

Luckily, after failing at finishing some half-thought-out plans to still shove the game into 2020 with different opponents (the Cardinals and Cubs), MLB has instead decided to relaunch the Yankees-White Sox battle in August of 2021.

Based on this dramatic hint, it seems MLB is confident they’ll be able to welcome fans back in full by then, if not sooner.

After all, this is a “main event” for the league. If they’re going to hold it, they’re going to pull out all the stops (though technically attendance was supposed to be capped in the low thousands anyway).

Once the game gets underway, fans can expect a number of great sideshow events, like:

  • An hours-long debate about whether this is Heaven or, in fact, Iowa, moderated by Keith Olbermann and George Will
  • A chance to “have a catch” with your dad, except in this case, your dad is Yankees bullpen coach Mike Harkey
  • The “Waterworld” sprinkler system, installed in tribute to Kevin Costner’s second-best movie
  • James Earl Jones sitting haggard behind a clapboard booth, recording voicemail messages for a long line of fans that are just the phrase, “People will come…” followed by the fan’s name
  • Brett Gardner absolutely going to town on some corn on the cob

All jokes aside, we’re very relieved this event is back in business. It says a lot of good things about MLB’s confidence in being able to pull off a full season in 2021, and it’s another excellent national showcase for the Yankees.

Now all we need is an update on the London Series — which is awesome when your team isn’t involved — and we’ll be ready to go.