Gleyber Torres trolling Astros and Alex Bregman on MLB The Show is hilarious

Yankees shortstop Gleyber Torres is taking some good offseason shots at the Astros.

We’d sure love more clips of Gleyber Torres refining his defense at shortstop, but we’ll take the excessive fun on the sticks for now. The New York Yankees star has been playing a lot of video games and streaming himself while doing so, which has inspired some entertaining content for fans.

The NSFW language while playing Call of Duty was run of the mill. Who hasn’t gotten overly amped after getting a series of kills or unreasonably angry after blowing it in a high-stakes match? Come on, people. Live a little. Swear your lungs out in celebration or break a controller in rage.

Gleyber got himself a two-for-one with this one while playing MLB The Show. He let out some of his frustrations and got a good laugh after intentionally hitting Houston Astros star Alex Bregman with a pitch.

The smirk, look into the camera, and all-out laughter — picture perfect. We need this sass on the field, Gleyber!

Perhaps this is just a way for the youngster to cope with all the rumors this offseason. There’s no doubt he’s seen the buzz surrounding Francisco Lindor, the lack of support from the organization in declaring him the shortstop of the future, and the rumors suggesting a position change could be on the way.

Or maybe he’s not worried at all and this is just Gleyber being Gleyber! He had to respond to the whole ordeal because it made its rounds on social media.

Nonetheless, good on Gleyber for sending another message to the Astros, letting them know that they won’t be let off the hook in 2021 despite the fact they managed to avoid heavy criticism and vitriol in an empty and shortened 2020.

After all, we don’t want to have to read into Gleyber’s offseason behavior. We want to appreciate every Astros bean ball, whether it’s in real life or in video games.