DJ LeMahieu teases Yankees fans with comments at MVP ceremony


DJ LeMahieu wants to stay with the Yankees. It’s very, very clear. So stop teasing us!

Yankees metronome DJ LeMahieu finished third in the American League MVP voting on Thursday night (a travesty, but that’s besides the point right now).

But it’s what he said just before the trophy was presented to White Sox slugger Jose Abreu that’s got us all buzzing and a little bit on edge this morning.

Naturally, the final questions lobbed LeMahieu’s way were about the Yankees, the team he’s gleefully represented as a stone-faced MVP finalist these past two years, but one which no longer employed him the second Julio Urias got his final strike three call in Game 6 of the World Series.

So, how are the conversations going? Are there conversations? Has he already moved on? If you were looking for answers, all you got was LeMahieu continually gushing over the Bronx Bombers, making you wonder again why there hasn’t already been a deal made.

The only good excuse for this “really good fit” not continuing is … a Francisco Lindor trade? Which would gum up the remaining parts of the infield and shake out in such a way that there was no longer “room” for LeMahieu as a starter at a consistent position? It’s something we have to consider, at this point, but with a massive extension around the corner for Lindor, too, why not just do the cheaper and easier thing which we all love?

MLB Network analyst Harold Reynolds just kept teasing Yankees fans on Thursday, getting LeMahieu to gush about the city he’s called home for the past two years. By the end of the segment, we were practically begging for Brian Cashman to emerge from behind the curtain, a cake and contract in hand.

But no dice.

No matter what else happens this offseason, if the Yankees let the man who’s singlehandedly grounded the team’s identity over the past two years walk anywhere else, the city that loves baseball ever so much will rightly revolt.

This isn’t Mookie Betts. No one has any deep-seated desire to “test” free agency. This delay is 100% on the Yankees trying to count the money in their coffers and take one last call with the Indians to see if we can just blow the whole thing up.

The longer we wait, the more agitated comments like LeMahieu’s on Thursday will make us. How many more times can he say he wants to come back before the handshakes start?