Yankees fans are going to hate latest free agency rumor

Thomas Carannante
Los Angeles Angels star Andrelton Simmons (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images)
Los Angeles Angels star Andrelton Simmons (Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images) /

The Yankees have reportedly contacted Andrelton Simmons. Why?

There are two things (at the very least) the New York Yankees need to do this offseason: bring back DJ LeMahieu and signing another durable, veteran starting pitcher. And that’s the bare minimum.

So when the first free agency rumor we’re hearing about the Bombers is that they’ve contacted former Angels shortstop Andrelton Simmons to express interest, you can’t help but be confused and frustrated.

There’s nothing but silence on the LeMahieu and Masahiro Tanaka front. Aaron Boone’s option still hasn’t been picked up! And THIS is a priority for the Yankees? We have so many questions.

First off, are we sure Simmons wants to take on a lesser role? Assuming the status quo remains in the Yankees infield, Simmons will be a backup option primarily used for defense.

If that’s not the case, are the Yankees targeting him as a starter? Does that mean Gleyber Torres is going back to second base and LeMahieu isn’t coming back? If this is the plan, then we can kiss the World Series goodbye.

Did Torres hear about this rumor and then fire off that cryptic tweet we saw on Tuesday? Maybe this is the Yankees’ way of sending a message to the young slugger. He’ll need to improve his defense or changes will be made.

And lastly, what’s the point of adding Simmons at all? He’s now well past his prime, he’s not a good hitter (career .269 average and .696 OPS), and he’s peaked defensively. The Yankees already have Tyler Wade, who is pretty much Simmons on the left side of the plate but worse offensively. At least he’s considerably cheaper, though.

It’d obviously be better to have Simmons because he has a ton of Major League experience and is capable of hitting the ball (Wade has a .190 career average in 161 games) and he’s the likeliest of the available shortstops to maybe take a reduced role, but this just couldn’t feel any more insignificant. A move like this isn’t going to move the needle for the Yankees.

Additionally, they need to spend their money wisely. The Yankees need another contact bat in their lineup way more than they need a defense-first backup shortstop. There are so many better options on the open market that will help the Yankees fill their immediate needs, yet they’re talking to someone who will fill a non-urgent one.

The only way this will turn out to be advantageous is if Simmons takes on a lesser role and is willing to do so at a bargain. Otherwise, this feels like a waste.