Mets’ rumored top FA targets are good news for Yankees-DJ LeMahieu deal


The Yankees can find some comfort in the Mets’ rumored top targets in free agency, none of which include DJ LeMahieu.

The Yankees are poised for a conservative, mid-range spending blitz this offseason. The Mets? Well, with a hedge fund billionaire at the helm for the first time ever, absolutely nobody knows what they’re going to accomplish.

DJ LeMahieu is a natural top priority for the Yankees, considering he’s been the linchpin of their offense (and defense!) ever since he arrived two years ago unceremoniously. So, even though their infield is a bit clogged at the moment, you’d think a hard-charging Mets team would similarly match the energy on this particular target.

After all, how better to annoy your rival than by blowing them away with a financial flex in LeMahieu’s direction? The second baseman’s already stated multiple times that he’d rather just stay home; maybe that entails switching boroughs if the price is right, though?

Hopefully, our newest batch of rumors is true, however, as it seems the Mets are more likely to pursue alternate top free agent targets George Springer and JT Realmuto, very helpfully removing a big bat and postseason superstar from the Houston Astros. It would be nice!

The Mets outfield is a bit clogged, which would mean that JD Davis, Michael Conforto and Brandon Nimmo would all probably be in place to battle for two slots if Springer joins the team. But if you get a chance to nab Springer on a four- or five-year deal and have aspirations of joining the postseason picture, you should likely do it, especially if money isn’t an issue.

Plus, if you get the opportunity to poach the best catcher in the league from your division rival, you’ve got to do it.

The more free agent rumors we read that don’t involve LeMahieu’s name, the better. Let’s keep it all quiet on the Western Front, especially the rumblings coming out of Citi Field.

Springer and Realmuto are two pretty great splashes for a newbie to pursue, but let’s keep the name of the Yankees’ second baseman smudged out, if it’s all the same to you, Mr. Cohen.