Yankees fans were actually nice to Giancarlo Stanton in birthday Tweet mentions


Yankees fans were actually nice to Giancarlo Stanton in the comments of his birthday post. What a country!

What’s this? Yankees fans actually being kind and appreciative to Giancarlo Stanton on the occasion of his birthday?

Is it possible we’re turning a corner here? Whatever brave new world this is, we’re happy to be living in it!

Yankees fans are notoriously snarky on Twitter (and off Twitter), and they’re also extremely reactionary. That’s why, for example, you saw Gerrit Cole get roasted on the occasion of his birthday this summer after only a moderate non-win streak.

It’s also why it was so nice to see the Yankees wish their erstwhile DH a happy 31st birthday, and for the comments to be largely positive! Hey, that’s what a redemptive postseason will do for you!

Stanton really did shut the haters up significantly this postseason, drilling two homers in the Wild Card Series before destroying the Tampa Bay Rays in the five-game ALDS, ripping three of the longest homers you’ll ever see through the marine layer and batting .316 in the process.

In truth, the enormous slugger has always been one of the Yankees’ absolute best hitters, and he’s no doubt just as frustrated by his injury issues as you are. He didn’t want to get scratched midway through a crucial 2019 ALCS against the Astros, for example! Nobody wanted that!

In a silly way, the fanbase’s accurate reassessment of Stanton displaying itself repeatedly in these birthday comments was oddly comforting. In fact, fans kept actively defending the man every time that negativity appeared.

There was a pretty clear mandate from the jump here: Be nice to G. Wish him a happy day. Move along.



Of course, though the conversation was overwhelmingly positive, you know Yankees fans.

Once they showed some love, they had a few other things to get off their collective chest, too.

Imagine the Yankees announcing a Francisco Lindor trade in the comments of their Stanton birthday post? Would certainly be a Red Sox-esque news dump and a bold strategy.

For the most part, this is what we wanted to see headed into 2021. Like it or not, Stanton is a massive piece of this core, and it seems like more people than ever have fallen in the “like it” bucket.