Yankees insider provides free agency update on Brett Gardner


It’s likely Brett Gardner returns to the Yankees, according to reports.

Many figured Brett Gardner’s $10 million option for the 2021 season would be declined given the current financial climate and the New York Yankees‘ need to retain a number of other players, but when the front office rejected it, fans felt like it was the end of an era.

And when you consider all of the other outfield options that have hit free agency (Adam Eaton and Joc Pederson, to name a few), Gardner’s potential return to the Yankees really felt in danger.

But we know the two sides have a good relationship and the Yankees value Gardy’s veteran presence, so it’s no surprise that the outfielder’s latest free agency update suggests there’s a good chance he returns to the team in 2021.

"“The 37-year-old Gardner, however, still might figure in the Yankees’ plans for 2020. He is certainly deep into the backstretch of his career, but his value, especially to the Yankees, is high because he can play both left field and center field,” George A. King III of the New York Post wrote.“Would there be enough playing time for Gardner, who appeared in 49 games of this past season’s 60 regular-season games and all of seven (including five starts) in the postseason?“Considering how injuries have affected center fielder Aaron Hicks and Judge in recent seasons, the answer is: yes. Gardner is more than capable of playing center in place of Hicks and is solid in left.”"

And don’t forget, Giancarlo Stanton is never playing the field again, so the Yankees still need a body or two on the bench!

Perhaps the Yankees want a change in the outfield to the tune of someone who is younger and can hit for average. But then again, this team needs stability on the veteran front, especially in regards to someone like Gardy who’s been there for so long.

If they can get Gardner at a cheaper price and he’s open to it, then expect a reunion to be in the cards fairly soon.