Yankees Rumors: George Springer to leave Astros and that’s a shame


Yankees fans are so, so sad that Houston Astros free agent George Springer appears to be taking his cheating ways elsewhere. Sad!

The Yankees-Astros postseason battles that have dominated our recent anguish may soon be a thing of the past — and not because of the Yanks’ window closing!

This offseason marks the first time that the ‘Stros are going to have to reckon with the reality that every young and inexpensive team in MLB eventually runs into — yes, it’s time to pay their players.

And while it’s difficult to evaluate the contributions of the Astros’ leaders properly, considering at least two years of their offensive data is tainted, it’s clear by now that center fielder George Springer does belong among the league’s elite.

Unfortunately for H-Town, he could also be the first to depart, which is making us just so, so sad. Bawling our eyes out over here.

“Bad Astros rumors,” indeed!

Unfortunately for the Yankees, even if Springer’s relationship with Houston has fallen apart, the odds are high that he’ll end up with one of their chief rivals.

The New York Mets are a prime contender for Springer’s services, and Steve Cohen has a solid opportunity to prove he’s attempting to build a first-place team by shelling out and filling their center field vacancy this way. Springer’s also a Connecticut native, and would be a nice high-dollar replacement for Mookie Betts in Boston (though if you’re going to spend for Springer, you should’ve just paid Mookie).

Even if you doubt the validity of Springer’s record (we do!), you can’t deny he’s one of the greatest postseason performers in modern history.

Yeah, he’s Papi-level. That’s scary, by any metric.

Springer is a super athletic outfielder, clutch power bat, and roster galvanizer who will be a hit wherever he plays next year, even at the age of 31.

But if it’s anywhere other than Houston, sorry, but we simply have to laugh.