Yankees fans shouldn’t care if the Mets trade for Francisco Lindor


Forget about Francisco Lindor, Yankees fans. If he goes elsewhere, that’s just how it’s going to be.

The New York Yankees probably won’t be trading for Francisco Lindor. General manager Brian Cashman isn’t going to give up a haul of prospects and then hand out a ~$200 million contract for the star infielder when the team currently has a formidable infield. That’s not the kind of roster tinkering this team needs to do.

If it happens, it happens. We wouldn’t be against it. We just simply can’t envision that being atop Cashman’s to-do list. If he’s going to make a trade, it’s going to be one of his usual low-key shrewd moves — not a largely unnecessary blockbuster to disrupt the status quo.

So, Yankees fans need to stop worrying about the New York Mets potentially swooping in and making a deal for Lindor. Let them do it! He’ll be out of the American League and then Steve Cohen can witness first-hand that it doesn’t matter who you bring to Queens — your team will still stink.

This isn’t Yankees vs. Mets! It’s nobody vs nobody! Lindor is a star in his own right, but his one year of control won’t be worth what the Indians are going to be asking for. Will he be open to signing an extension? It’s possible, but that’s not guaranteed, and most teams would be stupid not to make sure that’s set in stone prior to any trade agreement.

“Letting” the Mets get Lindor will far from haunt the Yankees, mostly because they don’t need him. Assuming you bring back DJ LeMahieu, New York’s infield is set with one of the best in the league. Giving up on Gleyber Torres after a 60-game season would be short-sighted considering he’s still just 23 years old and has mostly been used at second base.

Lindor’s durability is incredible and we’re sure the Yankees love that about him, but in terms of his bat, aside from him being able to hit from both sides of the plate, Torres has the potential to match Lindor’s offensive abilities, sans the stolen bases. And if you bring in Lindor, that means you’re either trading Torres, moving him back to second, or letting DJ LeMahieu walk in free agency. Do fans want to see any of those scenarios happen? We think you’d be surprised by the responses if you conducted a poll.

The bottom line is that Lindor will not be “the one that got away.” He’s a tremendous player many wouldn’t object to seeing in pinstripes, but if he goes to the Mets, so be it. There’s nothing to be concerned about. The Yankees have other problems to solve and fans shouldn’t be worrying about the significantly worse team across the river in the National League they’ll see a handful of times per season.