Yankees: Alex Rodriguez losing his mind during Rays’ walk-off win was hysterical


Alex Rodriguez couldn’t believe how the Rays defeated the Dodgers.

Most baseball fans are still in shock with how Game 4 of the World Series ended between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays. Two errors on the final play of the game allowed two runs to score and the Rays walked it off to tie up the Fall Classic at 2-2. The Dodgers were one out from taking a commanding 3-1 series lead.

If you were watching that live, well, we don’t have to explain much to you. It was all right there for you to collapse to the ground after witnessing the sheer insanity of the moment. So in case you weren’t able to see it in real time, we think former New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez’s reaction can help you understand all the feels.

A-Rod legitimately lost his mind in the FOX studios. And it seems he’s been watching too much of Jennifer Lopez in “Hustlers.” What is that move at the end?!


What in the WORLD?! The typically reserved Rodriguez absolutely lost his marbles and rightfully allowed arguably the craziest ending to a World Series game ever take over his mind and body to give us that once-in-a-lifetime genuine reaction. Frank Thomas nearly dropped dead from laughing so hard.

Though that was fun and all, Yankees fans can’t be too thrilled about A-Rod clearly pulling for the Rays. He’s been extremely critical of the Dodgers throughout these playoffs, including after Game 2 when he thought they should have used Walker Buehler on short rest, and even picked Tampa to beat the Dodgers’ ace in Game 3 (they didn’t even come close).

We get that we all want a more entertaining World Series, but his Rays bias has been showing ever since the ALDS.

Still, we can’t blame him for reacting like that. Did you see that play? Not only did a guy in Brett Phillips, who has barely played all year, put that ball in play with two outs to tie it up, the Dodgers made two mistakes on that play to allow the game-winning run to score.

We officially have a series. We’re not sure if we want to see more of the Rays winning and A-Rod losing all normal motor functions, however.