Yankees: Alex Cora and AJ Hinch could eventually screw NYY again

Former Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora, with an S-eating grin (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
Former Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora, with an S-eating grin (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /

Get ready for the Chicago White Sox hiring Alex Cora or AJ Hinch right before Yankees-ChiSox becomes a thing!

The White Sox seem like a fairly clear candidate to be the next up-and-coming franchise that the Yankees establish themselves as the second-best team in the AL next to, right?

Huge, young prospect pool. Big-time talent entering their prime like Tim Anderson and Yoan Moncada. Veteran leadership like Jose Abreu.

Yup, exactly the kind of team that Yankees fans trick themselves into being a comparable ALCS opponent, before quickly flipping into excuse mode when New York falls in five games.

So, what’s standing in the way of fate playing out this way? Likely only the hire of an experienced, championship-level manager who can pants Aaron Boone along the way to a fate that’s already been written in stone.

Enter AJ Hinch and Alex Cora! Exiled from baseball prior to the 2019 season, those involved in the game have apparently agreed that they’ve paid their penance (they have not) for installing large-scale cheating scandals, and one of the two men is almost guaranteed to land with the ChiSox now.

This isn’t even a conspiracy theory! Nobody is hiding it.

Ignoring how embarrassing it is for the game that two people who were sent packing just one year ago aren’t even controversial hires anymore, either man ending up leading the White Sox could become just as annoying as Cora heading back to Boston very shortly.

Remove your Red Sox-colored glasses for a second, but the boys in Beantown are hardly the Yankees’ No. 1 rival right now, and the White Sox are hard-charging to become a playoff stalwart of the 2020s. Certainly, you’d have to say they’re one of the top two or three teams working in tandem to shut New York’s window before it ever really opened.

Adding a manager like Cora or Hinch, dripping with both title-winning know-how and law-breaking schemes, could escalate the situation. GM Rick Hahn of the White Sox, responsible for the team’s next hire, came out and admitted every piece of the plan on Monday afternoon.

Got two of those floating around!

Ron Gardenhire’s abrupt departure from the Tigers this fall seemed to signal that Hinch would be a main candidate in their accelerated rebuild (rebuilding’s easy when you get two straight No. 1 picks!), and Cora seems to fall in line with the expectations in Chicago.

Keeping Cora away from Boston would be somewhat satisfying, but that city’s a dream job, and they’ll trip into competence sometime soon anyway. Both men occupying dueling AL Central teams would be very, very frustrating, too, and we guarantee that Aaron Boone and Co. would clash with them both soon enough.