Yankees: Aaron Boone’s decision to remove Deivi Garcia for JA Happ has fans fuming


The Yankees tried to trick the Rays and use Deivi Garcia as an opener.

OK, you have to give manager Aaron Boone some credit in this attempt to throw off the Tampa Bay Rays, but it already blew up in the New York Yankees’ face.

Deivi Garcia was announced as the Game 2 starter on Monday and took the bump Tuesday evening. After one inning, Garcia was removed from the game in favor of left-hander JA Happ. The Rays went with a lefty-heavy lineup after the Garcia announcement, so Boone thought he’d pull a fast one and slip Happ in there to create a matchup nightmare.

Buuuuut not so fast. The Yankees, for the second inning in a row, were one strike away from getting out of it, and allowed another home run. This time, it was Mike Zunino cranking a two-run bomb off Happ. Randy Arozarena struck one off Garcia in the first.

Yup, that plan ended pretty quickly. In a flash it’s 3-1 Rays and now Happ will have to continue to eat innings because there’s no chance Boone wants to burn the bullpen in a potential losing effort.

As for the fans? Well, they’re not happy. At all.

Another Happ postseason homer to follow up the Carlos Correa walk-off in Game 2 of the ALCS in 2019. It’s really not what you want.

To say every fan is ripping their hair out right now would be a conservative prediction for those at home watching what just happened.

Truth be told, that was Happ’s only bad pitch of the inning! We’re not sure why he’s throwing a fastball right over the plate on a 1-2 count, but I guess that’s why fans don’t trust him regardless of the situation.

He’ll deliver when you least expect him to and completely shatter your life when you need him to be productive. That’s the story of JA Happ as a member of the Yankees, even with his incredible post-deadline stint back in 2018.

It really wasn’t a bad plan by Boone. The Rays’ left-handed hitters are slashing .224/.326/.363 with 30 runs scored, 8 home runs and 30 RBI in 201 at-bats this year. But Happ isn’t exactly what you’d call an intimidating lefty.

However, if he can hold down the fort for 5-6 innings, we might be telling a completely different story once this game ends.