Yankees call out Indians after lame ‘Cowboys’ shot at NYY fans


The Indians’ Twitter account called out Yankees fans on Sunday and it did not go great!

The New York Yankees are currently in the bubble in San Diego, reaping the spoils of defeating the Cleveland Indians in Game 2 of the Wild Card Series on Wednesday. Four days off. Torturous for fans, probably necessary relaxation for the players on the roster.

Kick back at the resort after your workout, let the breeze blow through your hair, maybe watch a little football.

Apparently, football and the Yankees were both still on the mind of whoever runs the Indians’ Twitter account, however, as they decided to watch the Browns game and give fans from the Bronx free real estate in the process.

This is really funny, so you might want to sit down for this: Did you know that some folks like the Yankees, Cowboys and Lakers? Because they’re all immensely popular teams? Now that you understand the premise, get ready to laugh!

Only one problem here, though.

Even if someone likes both the Yankees and Cowboys, that person is probably pretty excited for their baseball team to get a shot in the ALDS on Monday, and isn’t terribly concerned with their 1-3 football team (which almost completed a monster comeback on the Brownies anyway).

Where are the Indians playing their Division Series?

Also, there’s another issue here — it’s now a professional team’s responsibility to fire off the same tweets that your average teen who doesn’t even recall LeBron’s first run in The Land could muster? LeBron’s a Yankees and Cowboys fan, too, for what it’s worth.

For better or worse, the Indians doubled, tripled and quadrupled down on this eighth-grade troll job, eventually admitting that “that was the whole bit” and the reason for its excellence.

Oh, sorry, I just woke up after putting myself to sleep. Were you saying something about innovation? Because the Yanks waited a few hours before showing the Indians exactly how much fun they really were having on this beautiful Sunday.

Enjoying the view! Great day! Very relaxing!

The Yankees have a job to do this week, but so do the Indians: Figure out a way to get Francisco Lindor to stop laughing at their finances. Best of luck with that! Hope you close the deal better than the Browns defense.