Kevin Kiermaier’s comments on Yankees will get fans even more pumped for ALDS


Rays OF Kevin Kiermaier gave Yankees fans a reason to be even more excited about the ALDS.

It’s hard to believe, but this is the first time ever the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays will be facing off in the postseason, with their ALDS matchup set to begin on Monday at 8 p.m. ET. Fans are already excited enough, but some commentary from Giancarlo Stanton this weekend really got things buzzing.

And now we have Rays outfielder Kevin Kiermaier, who Yankees fans hate enough given his success against the Bombers, weighing in on the upcoming series. You know Kiermaier … the guy who cannot handle trash talk. He’s complained multiple times this season about it and even whined about third base coach Phil Nevin getting vocal.

Kiermaier was a bit more reserved in his commentary ahead of the ALDS, but he’s adding fuel to the fire.

The Rays keep drilling this narrative into our head and we’re not sure why. We already know it. Major League Baseball knows it. The 10 games between the two teams this year further solidified it after countless headlines came about. Kiermaier. Blake Snell. Brandon Lowe. Michael Brosseau. We get it, man.

While we love to rail on Kiermaier because a) he’s not very good and b) he manages to be outspoken about this kind of stuff after it’s clear he’s easily bothered by it, but it’s hard for Yankees fans to really give him the business.

Kiermaier typically comes to play against the Bombers. He brings his usual stellar defense and his bat always seems to wake up even though his slash line doesn’t totally indicate that. He does, however, have 12 of his 71 career homers against the Yankees, and his 25 RBI are the second-most of any team he’s played in his career.

Obviously the Yankees and Rays play 19 times per season, so that’s a tad skewed, but it’s still solid production for a player of his caliber across the 91 games against New York.

On the bright side, a majority of that success has come at Yankee Stadium. This series will take place in Petco Park. If the Yankees can silence Kiermaier’s trash talk and offense and take the ALDS, that’ll be a win for the ages.

If that happens, let’s see if they’re still talking,