Yankees: DJ LeMahieu’s comments about free agency make you wonder what the wait is


DJ LeMahieu wants to remain a member of the Yankees … so what’s the problem?

The New York Yankees capped off the regular season with a 33-27 record, good for the No. 5 seed in the American League playoff picture. Though the year ended with a thud in which the team lost six of their last eight, including dropping the final series to the Miami Marlins, a few players captured individual accolades.

Luke Voit is your home run king and DJ LeMahieu is the AL batting champ for the 2020 season. But the spotlight is shining brighter on DJLM because he became the first player in the modern era to win the award as a member of both the AL and NL … and he’ll be a free agent in about a month.

He spoke about that latter pertinent topic after Sunday’s game and his comments truly make you wonder what the holdup is.

He wants to be a Yankee. The fans want him to stay forever. The franchise is worth $5 billion. Where’s the four-year extension? It should be here. It should’ve been here after 2019.

The pandemic threw everyone for a loop and, sure, if you want to “argue” that teams need to be “cautious” about spending money when they have billions of dollars at their disposal but with so much uncertainty ahead, we’ll hear you out for a millisecond and then promptly tell you to shut up. Stop. There is no debate here. Dollar signs don’t matter when the man in question is as valuable as DJLM.

But here we are, and the star slugger needs to field these questions after the official end of the regular season.

Perhaps the Yankees know it’s a foregone conclusion that they’ll be handing over a blank check to the former Colorado Rockies star. But we can all agree that a) this didn’t need to drag out this long and b) the Yankees could’ve just told him that they’ll talk about a new deal once the season comes to a close. Some teams do business that way. Isn’t it better to be transparent?

It looks like the front office needs to join the offense in “waking up” as we have reached the most important juncture of the year.