Yankees: Aaron Boone seems to have no idea when season ends


Yankees manager Aaron Boone made some strange comments on Friday night about the time the team has to turn things around.

The New York Yankees don’t seem to be aware of the importance of playing good and clean baseball heading into the playoffs.

After a commanding 10-game winning streak in the middle of the month, which quelled the concerns of fans who might have believed the club was in danger of missing the postseason, the club has now lost five of six and will officially have to play on the road in the first round.

As history has taught us, flipping a switch once the playoffs start isn’t exactly black and white when it comes to baseball, so it would seriously behoove the Yankees to clean up their act over the final two games.

That’s right, folks: Barring any weather-induced postponements, New York’s 2020 regular season will end on Sunday. However, manager Aaron Boone doesn’t seem to know that. During his postgame video conference on Friday night, he strangely countered a reporter’s question by saying there’s “plenty of time” for the Yankees to turn things around.

"“Well, there’s plenty of time,” Boone said. “I mean, we control everything. We go play really good baseball, we can be champions. But we’ve got to play better, clearly. That’s in our hands right now and we don’t need anyone’s help. We just got to go out and do what I know we’re capable of doing.”"

It would appear that Boone was still a little rattled from his ejection, because he clearly wasn’t thinking straight here. There’s no way two games could be enough for a team as talented as the Yankees to break out of a funk this thick beyond a shadow of a doubt. Sorry.

Again, only 48 hours stands in between the end of the regular season and the inception of their playoff journey. Despite Boone’s unwavering confidence, his players have honestly given him no reason to believe they will get off the schneid. Not only did they commit four more errors against Miami on Friday night, but their bats have gone alarmingly cold, scoring a combined five runs over the last three games.

If this sloppy play continues, the Yankees could be sent packing in the playoffs a lot sooner than most are expecting, by either the Rays or Indians/White Sox, depending on how the rest of the weekend goes (and it ain’t trending well!). For a team that has championship aspirations, well, let’s hope the players themselves are aware they have less than 18 innings remaining to muster some momentum before their postseason journey gets underway.