Yankees: Luke Voit does excellent job summing up NYY struggles again

Yankees first baseman Luke Voit is willing to call the team out when no one else is.

Whether he’s leading the Yankees with his bat or with his postgame verbiage, Luke Voit has had his finger on the pulse throughout the 2020 season, garnering MVP consideration for his efforts both on and off the field.

When the team was sleepwalking in Buffalo two weeks ago, on the verge of missing out on a postseason berth, it was Voit, not Aaron Boone, who called the team out for their lackadaisical play, admitting that nobody was scared to play them anymore.

And now, following a 10-game winning streak, that league-wide fear is starting to dissolve a bit once again.

A sloppy 14-1 (yes, really) loss to the Blue Jays on Wednesday marked the Yankees’ third loss in four games, all by blowout scores. And in the aftermath, Voit came to play again, brutally honest in the Zoom session with the gathered media.

The team’s four errors on Wednesday night were certainly the story of the disappointment, but hopefully, like last time, Voit’s words echo far longer than the memory of the on-field carnage.

Last time Voit spoke like this, the team’s play immediately turned around.

This time? There isn’t much of a regular-season runway left for the Yankees, who now have only a three-game series against the Marlins at home to prove they have what it takes to go back on the road and compete in the playoffs.

Though the Yankees have clinched their playoff berth, their seeding is far more up in the air than it should be. With a loss Thursday to Toronto, and a series looming between the Jays and O’s in Buffalo, the Yankees would need to win two of three from Miami if Toronto sweeps (they likely will) to ensure their second-place finish.

Easier said than done. Better wake up and listen to Voit once again.