Umps remove Tyler Lyons from game because of dumb mistake by Yankees


The Yankees tried to use Tyler Lyons during Tuesday night’s game, but not so fast…

The New York Yankees brought back an old friend on Tuesday when they selected the contract of Tyler Lyons and sent Michael King back down to the alternate site.

In fact, they were so excited to have the left-hander back that they tried to get him in on the action during Tuesday night’s blowout of the Toronto Blue Jays. Manager Aaron Boone called on Lyons when Gerrit Cole was removed after the seventh inning, but there was only one problem.

After Lyons started warming up on the mound, the umps came together and informed him that he couldn’t pitch. What?! Why?! Oh, because the Yankees made a stupid mistake.

Lyons was not on the lineup card. It happens … we guess? When there’s that fast of a turnaround, perhaps there are some clerical errors and something like this slips through the cracks. Boone haters, you have yourselves some good ammo for Twitter banter.

Let’s just be thankful this didn’t happen to someone who actually needed innings or was just activated off the injured list. That would have been even more embarrassing and detrimental.

After this, Zack Britton had to get ready in a hurry, but the veteran needed work anyway. He’s only pitched once since Sept. 13, and with the postseason right around the corner, the Yankees need him at his best if they’re going to run through the expanded playoff field and reach the World Series.

That “someone” may have just given Boone an excuse to get Britton in there. He just threw his 18th inning of the season and it was spotless. Here’s what Boone had to say after the game:

The only downside here is if the Yankees actually need to use Britton on Wednesday or Thursday, which could then pose an issue — if we even want to call it that. Lyons was strictly brought up for these moments when the Yankees are in need of an innings eater when they’re up big or down big.

Hopefully Lyons will get his first Yankees appearance in another “up big” scenario. Tonight just wasn’t meant to be.