Yankees: Gary Sanchez could finally be turning it around and that’s scary


We don’t want to get Yankees fans too excited, but Gary Sanchez is getting a bit hot.

Getting in a rhythm at the plate is different for every player, and in the case of New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez, any semblance of offense is a start.

The slugger was batting .131 earlier in the week, but he’s seen a mini resurgence immediately following backup catcher Kyle Higashioka’s three-home-run night that had many questioning if he should earn more starts than Gary down the stretch.

It seems like the Kraken has heard those calls and responded after his seat started to get warm as fans continued to grow frustrated with his horrific offensive production.

Though two of those home runs came in garbage time — both when the Yankees were up 12-3 and 9-3 against the Toronto Blue Jays — his latest blast came with the team trailing 4-3 and down to their final out against the Red Sox at Fenway Park. His rocket homer to left field tied the game, sent it to extras, and eventually gave New York the win.

The best part? The Red Sox broadcasters grunting the entire time.

Kicking the Red Sox while they’re down is the cherry on top of this nine-game winning streak.

But more importantly, that clutch homer may have woke Sanchez up from his extended slumber on offense. Some thought the extra-innings grand slam against the Mets would, but looking back on that, there wasn’t that much pressure given it was a tie game and Sanchez was facing a nobody on the mound.

Here, the Yankees are down one and literally need to score to keep the winning streak alive and put themselves in a good position for the remainder of the weekend. He tuned out the noise, waited on the curveball, and nearly decapitated a cardboard fan above the Green Monster. That kind of moment could very well be the start of an offensive surge.

And when you look at his other numbers, there’s reason for hope. Gary’s only been producing home runs this year, so improvements elsewhere can speak to the potential of a turnaround. He’s only struck out five times in his last 27 plate appearances, which feels like a lifetime achievement when you consider this:

Now, he’s hitting .154 with a .662 OPS, and while it sounds sad, we will CERTAINLY take that.

This is, by no means, nothing to set in stone, but now that the lineup is coming together and hitting like we’ve never seen before, Sanchez starting to look more comfortable at the plate, getting on base, and delivering a colossal clutch home run has us feeling a turnaround is coming.

And why not? Sanchez has been at rock bottom for quite some time — his play really can’t get any worse. Remember the Yankees hit rock bottom against the Jays in that 10-run inning early last week? Well, they’re 9-1 since that game. Perhaps a similar rebound from Gary is coming since we’ve yet to see this kind of play from him this year.