Yankees: Brian Cashman was right not making any trades at deadline


Yankees GM Brian Cashman caught flak for not making trades at the deadline, but he was right.

We’ll admit it. We blasted New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman when he made zero (0) trades at the deadline while the roster was depleted with injuries. The Bronx Bombers, not too long after, hit rock bottom and it looked bad.

But Cashman was right. He patiently waited for this team to get healthy and into a rhythm, while also relying on the younger talent ready to make an impact. Also, given how some of the Yankees’ rumored trade targets are performing right now, it’s clear doing nothing (for the most part) was the right move.

Truth be told, the Yankees could’ve used another reliever now that the postseason won’t feature any days off, but not pulling the trigger for a starter is proving to be prudent.

Deivi Garcia has very clearly emerged as this team’s No. 3 starter. Why trade prospects for Robbie Ray (4.38 ERA in 12.1 innings) or Taijuan Walker (1.56 ERA in 17.1 innings), both of whom are vastly underperforming since joining the Blue Jays? Walker’s stats appear to be good, but a Derek Fisher error saved him from being on the hook for another six runs on Tuesday night. Plus, he only lasted four innings against the Yankees his last time out and his two solid starts came against the Orioles and Red Sox. JA Happ is probably better than him.

And for the higher-priced guys? They were never getting a Mike Clevinger or Lance Lynn, but it would have been certified irresponsible to give up a haul for Dylan Bundy or Kevin Gausman. The Yankees don’t need insurance in the back end of their rotation and paying such a premium for a rental or someone you’ll only have through 2021 isn’t the move here.

Cashman was patient and didn’t deviate from his philosophy. He clearly has a vision for this team that the average fan cannot see, and at the end of the day most of us owe him an apology because we’re currently watching everything come together with the postseason right around the corner.

Assuming the dominoes continue to fall in their favor and everybody gets healthy in time for the stretch run, the Yankees should be primed to rip through the postseason without making any deadline additions when just a couple weeks ago it appeared they needed them badly.

Cashman knows best, remember that.