Yankees: Deivi Garcia’s next two starts will seal his fate as key postseason starter


Deivi Garcia can be playoff starter for the Yankees if he can take care of business.

Less than a week ago, we truly thought the New York Yankees had flatlined. Now, we’re talking about lining up a postseason rotation. Ah, sports. What a thrill.

At 26-21, the Bronx Bombers are right back in the playoff conversation, and with 13 games left, it’s not crazy to start talking about who will toe the rubber for the team in the likely incoming three-game Wild Card series.

We already know Gerrit Cole and Masahiro Tanaka will get Games 1 and 2, but what about Game 3? Well, it seems Deivi Garcia controls his destiny for getting the nod if the Yanks manage to lose one of the first two matchups. He’s got three starts remaining against the Blue Jays (Tuesday), Red Sox (Sunday) and Marlins (likely next Friday).

Has the young right-hander been nails? No. But he’s given the Yankees a much-needed shot of life. Across three starts, the 21-year-old has dominated the Mets, was let down by the bullpen against the Orioles, and righted the Yankees’ ship in a two-run, seven-inning outing against the Blue Jays last week.

That’s certainly not enough to anoint him as a member of the postseason rotation, but if he can prove in these next two outings that his impressive 2020 debut isn’t a flash in the pan, then manager Aaron Boone might not have a choice. Garcia might be the best option for a Game 3 in a Wild Card series or the ALDS onward.

The upcoming game against the Jays on Tuesday is certainly another high-stakes matchup that will set the tone for a crucial series. And the Red Sox? Well, yes, they’re the worst, but over their last 10 games, they’ve scored 52 runs. They still have a major league lineup and would LOVE to ruin the Yankees’ postseason hopes with the last chance they get.

We talked about JA Happ possibly deserving the Game 3 spot in a WC series or perhaps the Game 4 spot in an ALDS/ALCS. It’s a conversation worth having, given his impressive rebound, but at this point, fans would probably still rather see Garcia, who figures to be a cornerstone of the starting rotation.

He may have limited experience past Double-A, but the shortened 2020 campaign has no rules. Garcia’s ascension to the MLB roster is in full force right now. There’s no better time than the present to keep the train rolling and give him high-leverage postseason experience.

And if he goes out and puts the Yankees in a good position to win against the Jays and Sox, Boone might not have a choice.