Yankees: NYY embarrass Blue Jays’ Derek Fisher and Shun Yamaguchi in revenge battle

The Yankees made Derek Fisher and Shun Yamaguchi question their life choices on Tuesday night in the Bronx.

We don’t know what Derek Fisher and Shun Yamaguchi did to deserve what the Yankees rained upon them on Tuesday night, but perhaps it was just karmic retribution for the painful 10-run inning the Buffalo Blue Jays put up last week and boasted about. Maybe the Jays really did know what was coming?

Whatever the reason, Fisher and Yamaguchi certainly got a special dose of Yankee Stadium ghosts in this series opener — and got hung out to dry by their manager, Charlie Montoyo.

First, you’ve got Yamaguchi, who seemed uncomfortable from the second he entered and stumbled down the mound on one of his first few pitches. Things didn’t get better from there! He hit both Gary Sanchez and Tyler Wade with the bases loaded, then surrendered a … bases-clearing double to DJ LeMahieu. And then he had to stay in the game for much, much longer!

What gives, Charlie?!

I mean, ostensibly, we know what gives. You need to save arms for Wednesday and Thursday, with Tanner Roark and Chase Anderson on the mound, by any means possible. But to make Yamaguchi wear this one and still go to Anthony Kay by the time the fifth rolled around … it seemed cruel.

It might’ve been the worst-pitched inning in the bigs this year. Looked every bit as bad as the line.

And in terms of cruelty, let us introduce you to right fielder Derek Fisher!

Fisher, who homered deep into the parking lot off Deivi Garcia in Buffalo last week, started the Yankees’ rally all by himself in the second inning, dropping a fly ball off the bat of Clint Frazier, then dropping a fly ball at a slightly different angle off the bat of Brett Gardner. The Yankees then poured in seven runs in the inning. Fisher was knock-kneed. Begging to be pulled. Screaming it silently with his body language.

Montoyo, in some form of ancient punishment, said, “Nah.”

The complete GIF-able Fisher carnage is below — it included several more flubs, misplays, weird bounces, and a shallow two-out fly ball to right he simply gave up on for the game’s 16th run, which was just rude.

Fisher, still batting in the seventh inning, struck out looking against Garcia.

Stop! Stop! He’s already dead!

No, but, like, seriously, Charlie … stop. There’s no need to save your outfielders in the same way you save your ‘pen arms. What was the justification for keeping Fisher the Butcher out there? The equivalent of running laps for Joe Judge?

Strange game, but man, we couldn’t thank you enough, Derek and Shun. Gary Sanchez homered, officially making it 50% of his hits on the season that are dingers. Luke Voit might be the AL MVP. Gio Urshela earned a Gold Glove and crumpled up a “range factor”printout and shoved it in the trash receptacle. And it was all because of you.

Consider this fight for second place very much on, and the Ghosts of Yankee Stadium very much awakened. Ghosts don’t forget.