Yankees: Brian Cashman’s new trade deadline comments will bother fans all over again

New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images) /

Yankees GM Brian Cashman continues to say he doesn’t regret his stagnant trade deadline.

Factually speaking, the New York Yankees watched the Toronto Blue Jays, at the time a few games behind them for second place in the AL East, add a whirlwind of pieces in an effort to improve the roster. Taijuan Walker, Robbie Ray, Jonathan Villar. All felt like marginal upgrades, sure, but a steady stream of upgrades nonetheless.

The Yankees? Brian Cashman stood pat. Once again, this is objective — he did not make a single trade.

Was he resting on his laurels? Were rival GMs purposely overvaluing their trade packages when he came to the table? Was there simply nothing out there that the Yanks’ braintrust found to be very impactful? Or (gulp) are the Yankees just prepared to throw caution to the wind in this injury-plagued pandemic year and look to 2021?

However you feel about Cash’s inaction, it’s certainly a bit frustrating to hear the same refrain from 10 days ago with the hindsight that the Yanks have gone into a second tailspin since the deadline, much like the 2019 Red Sox did when GM Dave Dombrowski subtly waved the white flag.

Presented once more, eight days later but said freshly on Tuesday, Cashman claims he’s still more than fine with doing nothing, adding a little sour cherry on top.

Yes, there it is again. No regrets, despite the clear spiral on the edge of contention that might’ve been averted with even the smallest ripple, Butterfly Effect-style.

The painful portion to read is the idea that the Yankees would be “worse” if some of the deals presented had been made. Was there really a deal for, say, Mychal Givens or Archie Bradley that would’ve set the future Yankees back so much that it wouldn’t be worth it in the present? Sometimes, things have to change.

That’s why Cashman felt the need to address the team in person on Tuesday, after all. In part to keep them in focused, and in part to reiterate that each member of the team is valued.

Something they certainly didn’t feel a week ago, with the pressure to improve the roster firmly on.