Yankees: 7 clutch playoff moments that deserve more praise

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6. Chase Headley’s Mad Dash Extends Yankees Rally, 2017 ALCS

Game 4 of the 2017 ALCS against Houston is still waiting to be dethroned as the best postseason game of the Baby Bomber era.

And while we’d eventually like to see a World Series trophy on the mantle that partially obscures this minor triumph, you have to admit it was … pretty damn exciting.

While your mind probably goes to the Aaron Judge double or Gary Sanchez oppo liner that opened up the floodgates, I’d like to direct you to a moment that largely goes unnoticed. Chase Headley could’ve run the Yankees out of the inning before it ever really started when he trudged to second base behind Todd Frazier’s sprint to third, bumbling every step of the way.

Miraculously, he made it safely, and that twist of fate is the only reason you’re reading about this game today.

Headley’s stumble put runners on second and third with nobody out, allowing Brett Gardner to knock in a run with a grounder, Judge to double, and the rest of the pandemonium to ensue. If he’d been a half-second slower in his recovery, we’d be talking about an all-time Yankee goat here.

But as it stands, since the Yankees lost the series, we don’t really talk about it much at all. And that’s not right, either.