Yankees: Rays manager’s comments after TB’s win over NYY are pathetic

The Rays stomped the Yankees in the series finale with the help from Mike Brosseau.

The Tampa Bay Rays didn’t need to retaliate and hit any batters. Instead, they just clobbered the ball in the first inning, tattooing New York Yankees starter Jordan Montgomery and not allowing the lefty to even record three outs.

Mike Brosseau, who was the target of an apparent Aroldis Chapman head-hunting fastball on Tuesday night, responded by clobbering a two-run shot off Monty to make it 4-0 Rays. He then went yard again in the fourth off Jonathan Holder to make it 5-0, and that was all Tampa needed. The 5-2 win clinched them their third series win over the Bombers in 2020.

Need any more of a reason to hate these guys? Look no further than assistant coach Matt Quatraro, who filled in as the Rays manager on Wednesday night as Kevin Cash served his one-game suspension.

Really dude? Tears in your eyes? Like you’ve never dealt with ANY adversity in baseball before? A regular-season game during a shortened campaign nearly caused an emotional episode because the lineup responded after being thrown at? Congrats, you continue to beat down on a depleted Yankees roster.

Riveting stuff. The Rays are turning into the Red Sox trying to rewrite narratives that make them look like the heroes. Tampa seems to forget they were the ones throwing up and in on the Yankees for the last two years. They finally get the favor returned and can’t fathom a second of it or handle trash talk from the Yankees’ 49-year-old third base coach.

What a bunch of certified babies.

Good on Brosseau for responding and hitting two home runs, but please, don’t make it seem like this team overcame insurmountable adversity to beat the Yankees for the EIGHTH time this season. They have the Bombers’ number right now and a win with Charlie Morton facing Montgomery and a lineup of mostly backups is hardly anything to get emotional about.

Maybe win a playoff series and then we can talk.