Yankees: NYY’s bullpen continuing to crumble vs Mets is worst sign possible


The Yankees blew a late three-run lead to the Mets and lost 9-7 in extras.

The blame game continues. New York Yankees fans who think it’s “overreacting” or “being insane” clearly aren’t watching games start to finish. Getting punked by the Tampa Bay Rays is one thing, blowing another late lead to the New York Mets for the third time in a week? That’s what we call red alert.

The Yankees did it twice last Friday and did it again on Thursday. They had a three-run lead going into the bottom of the eighth and had it on a silver platter to take the season series vs their crosstown rivals. Zack Britton and Aroldis Chapman lined up to face a struggling Mets lineup that had just lost five of their last six.

Instead, those two allow three runs (on a truly unacceptable five hits and two walks) to tie the game. Chapman served up a low fastball in the zone on an 0-2 count to JD Davis, who smacked it to dead center field to tie it.

Ah, surprise, Chapman smirking like a middle schooler who was just issued after school detention. Good optics for your effort!

Then manager Aaron Boone had to use Albert Abreu, and this happened:

Can’t even blame Boone here, which is what fans have loved to do as of late. Instead, we can point the finger at the entire pitching staff, especially the bullpen. The Bombers finally produced runs, scoring seven and giving JA Happ a 4-0 lead to start the game. The lefty ended up surrendering four runs of his own on eight hits and a walk.

But perhaps the most egregious is Chapman, who’s allowed four earned runs on four hits and two walks in four innings of work this year. Inexcusable. He’s blown two saves against the Mets, both coming on home runs. Maybe he should’ve stayed suspended!

If the Yankees’ bullpen — their biggest strength BY FAR at the moment — is unable to protect a three-run lead with six outs to go, then this team is doomed. We’re not going to be surprised if the B lineup and injured rotation is getting smacked around by better competition, but when we can’t rely on our best relievers to get six Mets out, hope is officially lost.

To be honest though, this is just Murphy’s Law. Ever since the injuries started piling up, the Yankees roster as a whole cannot align. Good outing from a starter? No run support. A lot of run support? Bullpen can’t hold on. Bullpen keeping the game tied or close late? Yankees squander opportunities with runners in scoring position.

But you have to blame the bullpen here, especially as of late. It’s the only fully healthy area of the roster and it’s now been responsible for blowing it in six of the team’s last 12 games. You can’t proclaim to have the best relieving corps in the league and then do this at a 50% rate.

The woes continue. We’re not sure when they’ll end. And we’re not sure if we’ll be here when they do.