Yankees: 3 trades other teams pulled off that prove NYY botched deadline

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The Yankees made zero moves at the MLB trade deadline on Monday.

Look, just about every New York Yankees fan knew general manager Brian Cashman wasn’t going to make a blockbuster trade, but to come up completely empty-handed at the 2020 deadline is just inexcusable given all of the injuries this team has at the moment.

Previously armed with the best outfield depth in the league, the Bombers suddenly need help in that area after Aaron Hicks suffered an injury over the weekend. Cashman said he was targeting a whole lot of pitching, but nothing came to fruition. Heck, we could’ve maybe used another third baseman/infielder given Gio Urshela’s bone spur! A lot of uncertainty.

Sure, fans probably would’ve been complained about one lame acquisition featuring a dopey No. 5 starter or another average reliever to help keep the bullpen afloat, but that’s at least better than nothing.

And guess what? We can confidently say the Yankees standing pat at the deadline was a big mistake, especially based on the countless other trades that went down across Major League Baseball. These three in particular prove that point.

Cameron Maybin #38 formerly of the New York Yankees(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

3. Cameron Maybin to the Cubs

If the Yankees needed OF help, why didn’t they go for Cameron Maybin?

The Yankees had the option of bringing back old friend and 2019 stud Cameron Maybin, who was traded to the Chicago Cubs for … a prospect by the name of Zack Short, who isn’t even ranked in their top 30. In fact, he played in only 63 games in 2019 (across AA and AAA) and wasn’t impressive. He spent all of 2018 in Double-A and it was more of the same.

Explain why the Yankees couldn’t get a deal done here if they needed an extra outfielder? Instead they were reportedly entertaining talks for All-Star Starling Marte, who would’ve no doubt cost them a significant amount, being that the Diamondbacks got Caleb Smith in return in their deal with the Marlins.

Why are we exploring high-priced outfield options and low-priced starting pitching options (reports suggested Taijuan Walker, Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman were all on the Yankees’ radar)? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? We needed another primetime starter, not some guy who’s going to be a No. 5 for the regular season and then not see playoffs.

Maybin would’ve been perfect. He knows what it’s like to play in New York (he slashed .285/.364/.494 in 82 games with the Bombers last year!) and is clearly a backup option at this point in his career. The Yankees need that since Judge, Hicks, Mike Tauchman, Brett Gardner and Clint Frazier are all likely more worthy of playing time.

Instead, we’ll deal with a shorthanded outfield!