Yankees: Aroldis Chapman not realizing game was over after walk-off shows NYY are lost


Aroldis Chapman apparently didn’t realize the Yankees lost after Amed Rosario’s walk-off HR.

It’s cool and all that Aroldis Chapman is jacked out of his mind and gets New York Yankees fans amped with his workout videos, but wouldn’t it also be cool if he knew what was going on during a baseball game?

Friday featured some weird circumstances. The Yankees and Mets were playing their first of two doubleheaders this weekend and the Mets were the home team for the second game (which was at Yankee Stadium). And don’t forget doubleheaders are now seven-inning affairs.

We’d like to give Chapman a pass for this, but given how the Yankees are in complete disarray and lost at every turn, it’s really unacceptable when you sit down and realize how high the stakes are during this chaotic 2020 campaign.

Chapman, according to Mets slugger Dominic Smith, had no idea the game was over after Amed Rosario blasted a walk-off two-run homer and the entire opposing dugout ran onto the field to celebrate. And that means one of two things: Chapman didn’t realize the Mets were the home team or that the game was seven innings long — both of which are concerning.

If he didn’t know the Mets were the home team, he may have not entered the inning with as much urgency as he typically would, given it was more of a do-or-die scenario. If he didn’t know the game was seven innings long, then did he really think manager Aaron Boone was bringing him in to preserve a one-run lead that early when he’s the team’s closer?

We’re not denying that the circumstances of this baseball season are as bizarre as we may ever witness in our lifetime, but with the Yankees on seven-game losing streak and pretty much acting as the league’s most embarrassing team in terms of overall performance, it’d be great if the players could be mentally locked in for the moment after the team blew two late-inning leads (one on Wednesday night and one earlier on Friday).

Chapman’s lack of attentiveness in such a crucial moment sums up the Yankees during this unacceptable slide — lost, unmotivated and unprepared.