Yankees: Mets series postponed as James Paxton and Gleyber Torres injury updates drop


The Yankees will rest up this weekend instead of playing the Mets. We’ve also got weird James Paxton news?

The New York Yankees could certainly use a breather after the Tampa Bay Rays’ relentless attack of No. 7 hitters punished them repeatedly in a three-game sweep this week at the Stadium.

Though the schedule initially offered the team little-to-no relief, sending them directly to Flushing for the Subway Series prior to a single off day Monday before the Atlanta series, tragedy struck the Mets instead.

Two coronavirus cases — one player, one staffer — led to some Mets remaining in Miami, and zero Mets playing this weekend in any capacity.

Out of an abundance of caution, this weekend’s series is canceled, and the Yankees now get three days off, which they’ll likely enjoy.

The Mets and Yankees do have a mutual off day, so if further testing and tracing clears the NYM to continue competition, odds are high the Yanks will lose their Monday relaxation, leaving 1-2 games floating in the ether (Seven-inning doubleheader? Eh?).

Of course, just because there aren’t games being played does not mean injury concerns are no longer front of mind.

However, Friday’s James Paxton news was still shocking … because it was … good?

A few hours after Jon Heyman (certainly via Scott Boras) leaked that Paxton had avoided a Tommy John diagnosis, the official update was out: strained flexor, IL stint to come, but not disastrous to a man who’s been waiting his entire life for free agency.

Probably the best-case scenario here. No TJ, Paxton’s future isn’t compromised, and the Yankees still have a golden opportunity to call up Clarke Schmidt here and rectify one of their main issues.

2020 James Paxton wasn’t turning any heads with his stuff, and was clearly skittish from the start. He could use more time off to get himself right even without a newly-defined injury.

Unfortunately, the news on Gleyber Torres was very similar, but it hit harder. Our expectations for Paxton were on the floor, and he exceeded them. We hoped Torres could avoid the IL, but, well … he couldn’t.

And, oh yeah — Luis Avilan’s hurt, too!

So that’s a 10-day IL trip for Torres with three days off before Monday. The Yankees have been unwilling to take chances all shortened season long, and they’re living up to that promise once again in this case.

Welcome back, Aaron Judge (probably), and see you later, Gleyber. That kind of year yet again, folks.