Yankees Rumors: Aaron Judge injury could take ‘more than a month’ to heal


A doctor thinks it might be a while before Yankees star Aaron Judge is fully healthy.

It’s hard for Yankees fans to have faith in Aaron Boone’s transparency when it comes to injury diagnoses at this point.

As the laundry list of underreported maladies continues to grow, Boone had to look fans and the media in the eye on Friday night (after postponing his media session an hour and a half and instilling mass panic) and tell them that Aaron Judge was hitting the IL with a mild calf strain.

This, of course, came a few days after Boone asserted he’d pulled Judge for fun mid-game against the Braves with an 8-3 lead.

We’d love to believe our manager when he claims that Judge has the most mild possible version of this injury, and might even be day-to-day, but it’s tough to do so based on the past week (and years!) of Yankees injury updates.

Don’t believe us? Ask a doctor, who doesn’t cast doubt on when Judge will return, but reveals he might not be fully healthy for quite a while.

Yes, it could be over a month before things are back to normal, which really stings in a 60-game season.

Of course, since this seems to be “normal wear and tear,” and likely developed in the first place because of Judge’s weird stop-and-go offseason, was he ever “normal” in 2020? He socked nine dingers in 17 games, including an absolute laser shot in the final AB before he was pulled from Tuesday’s game.

It’s fair to remain hopeful that the team is simply trying to keep him fresh for the postseason in a year with an expanded October, and doesn’t want him making things worse by begging to play through it. We’ve seen him playing with this injury, and he’s looked pretty wonderful.

However, based on the way Yankees injuries usually go, as well as a doctor’s warning, we don’t blame you if you’ve grown skeptical.

For now, Aaron Judge is the tantalizing MVP candidate who’s found himself on the shelf for both freak injuries and muscle issues over the past three seasons, and battled a shoulder issue brought about by the Home Run Derby the year prior in 2017.

We’d still take him on our roster any day. But it’s not difficult to find the cold water to pour on his success at this point.