Yankees: Clint Frazier proves he deserves roster spot with homer in first at-bat


Clint Frazier homered in his first at-bat back with the Yankees (and his first of the 2020 season).

It looks like his work at the Alternate Site has paid off! Just kidding, it’s Clint Frazier, who’s a certified MLB stud. He doesn’t need practice reps in the middle of Pennsylvania.

In his first at-bat of the 2020 season, Frazier roped a 94 MPH fastball offering from Huascar Ynoa over the fence in left-center field to bring the New York Yankees back into the game. The solo shot, which was a back-to-back blast after Gary Sanchez went yard, tied things up at 2-2 with the Atlanta Braves.

But in the grander picture of it all, Frazier deserves a permanent spot on the MLB roster, plain and simple.

Absolutely smoked. Ynoa tried to go up on him to sneak by the third strike but Frazier’s unmatchable bat speed got on top of it and put it into the Braves’ bullpen. You mean to tell us this isn’t a Major Leaguer?

Frazier further proved he’s worthy of a roster spot before the start of Wednesday’s game when he spoke to the media about his situation with the Yankees. He’s made plenty of headlines given the fact he’s clearly an MLB-caliber player but keeps finding himself in the minor leagues (or, in the case of 2020, the Alternate Site).

This is a 25-year-old who has an incredibly candid, respectful and calculated response to a tough question from the New York media. One would have to assume he’s sick of reading about/answering questions regarding his role is with the Yankees, but he managed to give us a worthwhile sound bite that proves he’s a professional.

Most 25-year-olds can’t get through the day without having an existential crisis. Frazier’s pretty much already had one of those in his baseball life but he can still speak about it with a level head while providing much-needed insight for those who are largely uninformed when it comes to this layered situation.

This is a New York Yankees baseball player, and the organization needs to find more ways to get him reps. Everybody in the tri-state area would agree.