Yankees: Giancarlo Stanton suffering an injury was bound to happen


Giancarlo Stanton left the Yankees-Rays game on Saturday with a hamstring injury.

OF COURSE! We could only endure a week of good standing, right?

The New York Yankees have been on the road this week, completing their series against the Phillies in Philly and then heading down to Tampa for a four-game set against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Saturday’s doubleheader in Tampa featured a split, with the Yankees falling in the second game. But that wasn’t all of the bad news.

Giancarlo Stanton left the game with a tight left hamstring. Here. We. Go. Again.

Mike Ford pinch-hit for Stanton in the top of the sixth inning with the Yankees down 5-1 and everyone was sufficiently confused. What happened to the slugger? Why would he be coming out of the game when the offense needs to generate runs? (Absolutely NO offense to Ford, either.)

Well, it turns out Stanton hurt his hammy perhaps running the bases back in the fourth inning. The YES Network cut to a video of Stanton running to second on a wild pitch and then to third on a Gleyber Torres single. He then scored on a Luke Voit single.

Manager Aaron Boone, who was ejected from this one, waited until the last possible second to remove him from the DH spot.

Now, he’s undergoing an MRI and will likely be placed on the injured list. It never ends. It’s terrible to say but this was bound to happen with one of the Yankees most important players … again. It’s just what has characterized the last few years and the team can’t escape it.

We’re about to hear a ton of groans from just about every Yankees fan. Stanton already dealt with a calf injury a few months ago that would’ve kept him out for a good chunk of the regular season had it started on time. Do we need to get into what happened last year? Don’t think so.

It’s just a shame because he was finally starting to look like himself. He got off to a scorching hot start to the year, and while he’s cooled off in recent weeks, he’s still getting the job done. He clocked a homer and went 2-for-3 in the earlier game on Saturday and was 1-for-1 with a walk in the later game.

Luckily the rest of the lineup is humming along so hopefully Stanton’s absence will be a blip on the radar.