Yankees: Revisiting when A-Rod brought weirdly sexual notes to ESPN broadcast


Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees had his, ahem, bases covered in 2017.

Being an MLB announcer can be a difficult job. You’re live on the air, with the hot lights beating down on you from the unforgiving booth. Your notes are your blanket, your saving grace, your only in-the-moment data source. Never despair. Your notes can get you through any situation.

Former Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez clearly didn’t forget this during his early days on ESPN.

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Now, A-Rod has reinvigorated his career, and most young fans remember him mainly as the guy who gleefully skips his way through “Sunday Night Baseball” and dates Jennifer Lopez, and definitely not the guy who was oft-suspended and disgraced throughout his MLB career.

But back in 2017, he was still a budding journalist. And on one day in May, he may or may not have brought the wrong pad and paper into the booth along with him.

For these notes, you see, contained……..some personal information.

Maybe he was already plotting his future purchase of the Mets? When to push forward with new investors, when to pull out and let Steve Cohen take it?

Bottom line, by any metric, it’s hilarious that anyone would need these notes broken down at any point in time. Then, add the fact that A-Rod carried them publicly, and into a tiny room full of prying eyes, and you get a beautiful situation.

I’m just struggling to think of what physically manifesting these thoughts in writing would ever help you with. They’re not revelatory.

“Hmm, to have a baby or not to have a baby?” Rodriguez might’ve been thinking. “OK, what are my options? For one thing, birth control. Ahh, but on the other hand…baby. I am in a moral PICKLE.”

Not sure what game this was, but it’s unfortunate that a lengthy discussion of these notes never hit the airwaves. Guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Maybe he was just referring to a quick-breaking curveball? “Mark Teixeira’s got to keep his head in on these pitches. No more of the pull-out stuff!”

Just spitballing here.

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