Yankees Highlights: Jordan Montgomery dominates as Yanks hit bombs to beat Sox


Jordan Montgomery dominated and the Yankees hit three bombs to beat the Red Sox Friday night.

This Yankees home opener looked different than any one that preceded it, but the NYY bats looked straight outta 2019 against the Boston Red Sox.

We expected offense to be the name of the game here, but only one team joined the party, as the Yanks parlayed some of the dominance they exuded in ’19 (14-5 against BOS) in this much stranger year.

Jordan Montgomery got his first big league win in 833 days, twirling 5.2 beautiful innings, replete with some well-timed double plays. He didn’t throw quite as hard as advertised during Summer Camp, but he flat-out put the Red Sox to sleep.

As for the offense? Aaron Judge only would’ve hit a dinger here in two out of 30 MLB ballparks, but this was one of ’em! Other one is in Anaheim. That place is the worst.

Gio Urshela tacked on a line drive smash of his own against Ryan Weber in the fourth, essentially chasing the tiring finesse righty from the game.

Boston’s pitching, consisting of a bunch of anonymous side-armers who probably won’t be here next year, largely held the fort. Not quite enough, though.

You’re going to have to specifically listen to Yanks Go Yard a bit more often than you currently are, too. I will say.

We claimed Brett Gardner needed to stay in the lineup while nursing his 0-fer, while simultaneously calling Gary Sanchez a “problem,” loudly. Tough stuff to justify.

Luckily, we’d say Insurance Gardy did our job for us in the bottom of the eighth, launching an authoritative moonshot to deep right to make this a 5-1 ballgame, paving the way for JONATHAN HOLDER to finish things off.

Lookin’ forward to the weekend! Thank goodness the Yankees got at least one Friday Gardy Party out of this scheduled tweet.

Also, this happened.

It was jarring! Just another normal night in 2020.

It was a tough afternoon in Yankees Universe — the 2020 season may not be long for this world, and Tommy Kahnle’s UCL injury is a huge blow. This, however, was as snoozy and complete a win over the Boston Red Sox as you’ll ever see.

The Yankees got off the bus from beating Baltimore after 4:00 am. A charged-up Sox team should’ve been able to run all over them and steal a win here. They, um, did not. Sorry!

And, oh, right — how good was Chad Green?! File that one away for later.