Yankees: David Cone Trolls the Astros Live on NYY-Nats Broadcast


Yankees broadcaster David Cone trolled the Houston Astros live on the air.

The Houston Astros decided to take a veiled shot at the New York Yankees this weekend on Twitter during Lance McCullers’ start against the Seattle Mariners.

The right-hander struck out Daniel Vogelbach with his patented curveball and, for some reason, the team’s Twitter account felt the need to allude to Game 7 of the 2017 ALCS, when McCullers threw 24 straight curveballs to the Yankees hitters to shut them down and take Houston to the World Series.

Well, right back at ya, guys. Yankees broadcaster David Cone decided to do some revisiting himself and reminded everyone that the Astros are cheaters and undeserving of every accolade they’ve been given since the start of 2017.

Take it from Mr. Cone, who spent 17 years in the bigs and won a Cy Young. He knows a bit about tipping and telegraphing pitches.

You can bet the old school players weren’t banging on trash cans, either. These millennials and their new-school techniques! How soft can you be?!

And a quick reminder to the Astros and their fans, too. You still don’t have a legitimate World Series and all of your wins over the last three years mean a whole lot of nothing to the rest of the teams and fans in the sport. Enjoy your baseless jabs on Twitter that will only make people hate you more!

We’re sure watching 24 curveballs in a row would be more entertaining than re-watching batters know exactly what pitch is coming, since that scenario sucks all the fun, life and integrity out of the game.

While you have fun watching a curveball thrown by a mediocre pitcher, Yankees fans will sit back and enjoy Gerrit Cole mowing down the competition and the best offense in the league sending balls over the fence.

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