Yankees: Did Aaron Judge Feed Giancarlo Stanton Signs Before HR?


Did Aaron Judge pick up on a little something for the New York Yankees against Max Scherzer?

The Yankees got off to one of the most seamless starts possible in their pursuit of a championship on Thursday night.

Four batters into the contest, Giancarlo Stanton took a Max Scherzer offering deep into the night, almost high enough to make the viewers flinch on nearby rooftops.

He was able to briefly shrug off the pressure long enough to firmly admire this one.

But does Stanton owe Aaron Judge, planted on second base at the time, a debt of gratitude, too?

Check out Judge flashing Stanton a little not-so-subtle “arm out” sign before the Yankees slugger absolutely unloaded on a fastball.

Surely, everyone’s going to be perfectly reasonable on this one, right? People from Houston are going to suss out that the Yankees were on the road, do not have cameras set up in center field in Washington, DC, and may or may not have gotten the signs the old-fashioned way, right?

Before a troupe of cheaters comes in with that GIF of Aaron Judge holding a piece of paper in the dugout (can’t wait to see that one again!), it’s worth noting that Judge really might’ve picked something up here.

Perhaps it was just incidental contact, but Judge didn’t give any sort of similar indicator for the off-speed stuff.

Curious at worst, and certainly not damning. Mostly very interesting, and proves that Jomboy wouldn’t “keep the Yankees bending the rules” secret.

Nobody’s in midseason form here, and perhaps the Nationals have some work to do in terms of guarding their signs in front of an empty stadium. Maybe somebody accidentally spoke ’em out loud? Maybe Judge was just locked in without distractions, and sussed them out quick?

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Or maybe this is absolutely nothing. You make the call.