Yankees: Red Sox Fans Have Predictably Moronic Response to ‘Black Lives Matter’ Sign


Boston Red Sox fans did not handle their new ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner very well.

Even while MLB action was on pause this summer, the Boston Red Sox found themselves in the middle of controversy.

Former All-Star outfielder Torii Hunter, with racism again at the forefront of the American conversation following the death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis PD and the killing of Breonna Taylor in her own home, detailed his experiences at Fenway Park over the years. He alleged he’d been called racial slurs in Boston more times than he could count, and wrote the Red Sox out of his future contracts as a precaution.

Boston fans put on their Albert Breer masks and claimed en masse they needed proof to believe Hunter’s accusations. The Red Sox obliged, acknowledging the truth in his claims.


But while the Red Sox have done everything right this offseason, the vocal parts of their fanbase online have done everything wrong.

With the season starting up in earnest, the Sox have attempted to atone for their racist organizational past by hanging the words “Black Lives Matter” on the side of Fenway Park that faces the highway.

An excellent gesture — too racist to sign Jackie Robinson and Willie Mays under Tom Yawkey, the Sox certainly need to take every step they can these days to tape over the past.

But did Sox fans on Twitter approve of this obviously good gesture?


Ahh, gotcha. Guess all jobs matter too, right? Why defend the actions of the police when you should also be defending mailmen and STAPLES sales reps?

Hey, Red Sox, you hear that? Mrs. Kaboose says you made a BIG mistake. Uh oh!

Well, John, I have great news for you: No games for you this season!

Imagine not being enraged enough to denounce your fandom over trading Mookie Betts for spare parts, OR hangin’ tight with the team through allegations of actual racism from the fans in the stands, but then giving it ALL away when the team simply acknowledges that black lives do indeed matter.

Not “matter more than white lives” — just…matter, in general.

Yankees fans have seen their players stand up plenty in recent months, with CC Sabathia being spotted at the protests in Brooklyn as well as Aaron Judge and other Yankees stars participating in a BLM video. By and large, they’ve been supported and encouraged.

The city of Boston has a lot to fix, and the Red Sox are working hard to do so. But we’re nowhere close to a solution until the comments on Twitter aren’t uniformly…this.

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