Yankees: Billionaire in Alex Rodriguez’s Investment Group Suggests Mets Purchase is Well Within Reach


Mike Repole, the billionaire in former Yankees legend Alex Rodriguez’s investment group, likes their chances to buy the Mets.

At first, everyone thought former Yankees great Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez owning an MLB team was a pipe dream. After all, every single franchise is valued at a ridiculous amount (mostly over $2 billion) and the power couple has a combined worth of $750 million. Still considerable, but very far off.

The buzz went away for a little bit, especially after the Wilpons expressed hesitation in selling the New York Mets once the season was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. You think those cheapos were going to sell when the valuation was decreasing?

Then, Rodriguez and Lopez went out and added billionaire Mike Repole, the co-founder of Vitaminwater, to their investment group. Now we’re talkin’. And Repole is loving their chances.

“I thought it was sizzle before I got into the conversations,” Repole told Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic when speaking of A-Rod and J-Lo’s interest in buying the franchise. “Then it was something that not only did I think it was real, it was something I wanted to be part of…

“…This is the best ownership group, not only for the Mets but for New York and definitely for baseball,” he added. “I pride myself on being a marketer. Baseball needs a little bit of a marketing wake-up call, a marketing shot in the arm. Obviously with Alex and Jennifer and what I’ve done with brands all my life, if I’m among the 29 other baseball owners and I’m Manfred, this is the team I want to own the New York Mets in the New York market.”

Although fellow billionaire Steve Cohen reportedly made an aggressive offer to purchase the Mets and the team’s television network, SNY, Repole is confident that A-Rod’s group has the money and is the better fit to own a team during baseball’s current climate. One Cohen deal already fell through, so Repole’s assertion could ring true.

Plus, don’t forget other famous athletes such as Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal, former NFL running back DeMarco Murray, and football Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher have also joined A-Rod’s group.

Yup, we think these guys have more than enough money to make it happen.

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